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Màquina de premsa de tauletes rotatives ZPS-8 i eines de premsa de tauletes D Eines B

Màquina de premsa de tauletes rotatives ZPS-8 i eines de premsa de tauletes D Eines B



Single pressing type and single- -sided tablet discharging. It uses IPT punch to press granular raw materials into round tablets and special-shaped tablets of various specifications.

It is provided with the twice tablet pressing function such as pre-pressing and main pressing, so as to improvetablet pressing quality.

It adopts touch screen speed controller with convenient operation and good safety and reliability.

It adopts PL C programmer with digital display function. If equipped with USB ports, it can realize data acquisition of tablet pressing working status.

The main driving device is featured by reasonable structure, good driving stability and long service life.

It is equipped with motor overload protective device to make the machine stop automatically in case of pressure overload. It is also provided. with over pressure protective device, emergency stop device, and powerful exhaust and heat dissipation device.

The stainless steel peripheral housing adopts a fully closed form. All parts contacting medicines are made of stainless steel or subject to surface treatment.

On four sides of the tablet pressing chamber is transparent organic glass, which can be opened to make internal. cleaning and maintenance easy.

It is equipped with forced feeder or ordinary feeder

model ZPS-8 ZPS-10 ZPS-18
Quantitat de punxó (conjunts) 8


Forma de perforació 1’D 1’D 1’D
Max tablet pressure(Kn) 80 80 60
Max pre-pressure(Kn) 10 10 10
Diàmetre màxim de la tauleta (mm) 22 22 16
Profunditat màxima d'ompliment (mm) 17 17 17
Gruix màxim de la tauleta (mm) 6 6 6
urret rotation speed (r/min) 5 ~ 30

5 ~ 30

5 ~ 30

Capacitat de producció (Pc / h) 14400 18000 32000

Potència del motor (kw)

2.2 2.2 2.2
Mida total (mm)

750 x 660 x 1620

Pes de la màquina (kg) 780