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ZP 35A Premsa de tauletes rotatives estàndard GMP d'alta velocitat

ZP 35A Premsa de tauletes rotatives estàndard GMP d'alta velocitat



The peripheral housing adopts a fully closed form. It is made of stainless steel. The internal table surface is made of stainless steel. The turret surface is subject to special treatment to maintain luster on the surface and avoid cross contamination, conforming to GMP requirements.The transparent doors and windows installed enable the tablet pressing status to be clearly observed. In addition, they can be opened to make internal cleaning and maintenance easy, The variable frequency speed controller is adopted for electrical speed control with convenient operation,stable rotation and good safety and accuracy. All driving devices are located inside the machine, so the machine is kept clean. The hydraulic system is designed reasonably to ensure stability of the hydraulic system. It is equipped with the overload protective device to make the machine stop automatically in case of pressure overload. The machine is equipped with electromagnetic braking motor and other safety protective devices, so the machine can be adjusted and operated during its running. The punches are interchangeable with those for ZP19, ZP33, ZP35B tablet presses.

model                 ZP-35A ZP-35B
Quantitat de punxó (conjunts) 35 35
Màx. pressió de la tauleta (KN) 60 60(B Pre-pressure 500 Kg)
Diàmetre màxim de la tauleta (mm) 13 13
Profunditat màxima d'ompliment (mm) 15 15
Gruix màxim de la tauleta (mm) 6 6
Velocitat de rotació actual (r/min) 5 ~ 36 5 ~ 36
Capacitat de producció (Pc / h) 150000 150000
Potència del motor (kw) 3 3
Mida total (mm) 910 x 1120 x 1650 1180 x 1050 x 1700
Pes de la màquina (kg) 2300 2300