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High Speed Mixer Granulator & Wet Granulator &  Food and Pharmaceutical Granulator HLSG-10/50 High Shear Mixer Granulator

High Speed Mixer Granulator & Wet Granulator & Food and Pharmaceutical Granulator HLSG-10/50 High Shear Mixer Granulator



This machine can mix powder or paste into granular materials with solid particles, uniform particle size, higher efficiency for tablet press. It is widely used in the mixing and granulation of medicine, food, chemical industry, metallurgy and other industries. In particular, it can be used for mixing and granulating traditional herbal extracts and traditional herbal powders, which solves a technical problem of transforming herbal medicines into medicines.

Sistema de Control

With PLC Full-computer Automatic Control produced by German Siemens Co., this system has man-machine interface, screen cue operation and graphic parameters. Data can be input by simple touch keyboard.

Technological parameters can be automatically memorized, so you only need to touch the Menu Key for the next production.

Process of granulation

A.Adhesive uniform mixing process.

B.Particles formation.

C.The particles move in a spiral in the pot.

D.Particles meet the final requirements.



1. Indicador de pantalla HMI, control PLC de Siemens.

2. El gra sòlid i rodó, amb una mida de gra uniforme i un alt rendiment del producte, us ofereix la millor recuperació.

3.Mixing and granulation are finished in one step, the efficiency Is increased by. 4 to 5 times.

4. Descàrrega automàtica.

5.Smaller floor space requirement, and short cleaning time.6.Save 15-25% dosages of adhesive and shorten drying time.7.Totally closed production complied with GMP.

8.It can still obtain good effect when specific weight difference between main  medicine, subsidiary medicine auxiliary materials are greater.

9. La jaqueta-bullidor es pot utilitzar per escalfar o refredar els materials.

10.Spraying feature is designed to solve the problem of extract powder granulation.

11. Baix soroll <72 db

12. Space between kettle bottom and blade is small (0.3~ 1mm) to avoid deposit in kettle bottom completely.

13. Operation of vacuum feeding system does not appear dust.


Articleunitat        HLSG-10        HLSG-50
Volum totalL1570
Volum operatiuL2 ~ 1010 ~ 45
Quantitat d'alimentacióKg1 ~ 5        6 ~ 25
Velocitat d'impulsiórpm50 ~ 72025 ~ 550
potència del motorKw
Velocitat de rotació del talladorrpm300 ~ 2850300 ~ 2850

potència del motor                

Kw0.75        2.2
Dimensions generals(L x W x H)  mm1050 x 500 x13001700 x 730 x 1650
Pes de màquinaKg165500